Free Virgin Sim Cards

Free Virgin Sim Cards

You can get a free sim card from Virgin Mobile.

The free Virgin sim cards offer gives you 300 free texts when you top up by at least £10 in a month. If you top up £15 or more you’ll get unlimited texts and up to a gigabyte of mobile internet use as a bonus!

For your first month of use, a £10 top up will get you a months free allowance, so you don’t need to wait for your free extra texts!

Free Virgin Sim Usage Costs

Outside of bundled minutes and web use, calls will cost you 26p per minute to all UK mobiles and landlines, and UK texts will be 10p each.

If you run out of credit with Virgin Mobile, you can send a friend a message asking them to call you back, even when your balance is zero, so you can even make contact when you’re spent up.

Virgin On Blackberry

For Blackberry users (you don’t have to have a Blackberry, this is just an extra if you have one), you can get flat rate passes to use messenger and email at £2 a week or £5 a month. You’ll also get unlimited mobile web access (defined as fair use up to 25 Mb per day) for the same period.

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