Free Three Sim Cards

Free Three Sim Cards

3 offer two free sims to each customer on arguably one of the strongest deals available.

When you order your free 3 sim cards, you’ll be able to get some incredible internet bonuses if your mobile handset is compatible. You can check if your mobile works with the service here. If your handset does work with Three’s internet applications, you can get free Skype, Windows Live Messenger and Twitter on your mobile once you top up.

Free 3 Sim Benefits

On top of that, if you top up by £15 you can get 300 voice minutes and 3000 texts, plus unlimited internet use. Normally you’d have to commit to a mobile package on a 12 month contract for these kinds of benefits, but with Three it’s pay as you go!

So, what are you waiting for? Your free 3 sim cards are sat waiting to be posted to you, so click the link below, order your new mobile package and hop from foot to foot until the postie arrives!

Check out our homepage for more free sim cards in our comparison table.

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