Free Tesco Sim Cards

Free Tesco Sim Cards

You can apply for up to four free Tesco sim cards.

The first time you top up each month (not just the first month!), you get bonus credit on Tesco Mobile, tripling the value:

Top Up Bonus Total Credit
£10 £20 £30
£15 £30 £45
£20 £40 £60

Free Tesco Sim Usage Costs

Calls will cost you 25p per minute, whether that is to a UK landline, another Tesco Mobile user or another UK network.

Texts are priced at 10p each, to all UK networks.

You can keep you mobile number so there’s no need to use up your credit texting everyone a new number.

For internet users, Tesco Mobile offers an Unlimited Browsing Pass which means you can use the internet on your phone to your heart’s content along with email on the move for just £2 per week. They’ll even text you to let you know its about to expire so you have the choice whether to cancel it before it renews.

You even get triple clubcard points when you top up and get your triple credit!

Don’t you think it’s time to order your free Tesco sim cards?

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